April 17 News: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Back On The Rise In The U.S.

Our round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Please post more links below.After dropping for two years during the recession, emissions of the gases blamed for global warming rose in 2010 as the economy heated up, the Environmental Protection Agency reports. “The increase from 2009 to 2010 was primarily due to an increase in economic output resulting in an increase in energy consumption across all sectors, and much warmer summer conditions resulting in an increase in electricity demand for air conditioning that was generated primarily by combusting coal and natural gas,” said EPA. [New York Times]

The Environmental Protection Agency’s apparent change of heart on plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions at existing power plants came during a White House review of the agency’s proposed greenhouse gas rule for new plants, according to documents obtained by Politico. [Politico]

In a new study in the journal Transport Policy, Ralph Buehler and John Pucher suggest that cities might actually be able to influence how many cyclists are on the road. Perhaps all they have to do is — and this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise — build more bike lanes and bike paths. [WonkBlog]

Many climate change models have predicted increases in pollen levels and associated allergies, as rising carbon dioxide levels and warmer temperatures spur plant growth. [Summit County Citizens Voice]


There’s a disconnect between the real world and congressional Republicans. I know, I know: This is a statement of the obvious. But if you want to see just how big the disconnect is, look at what’s going on with gas prices. [Washington Post Opinions]

A bill before the California Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce this month seeks to equalize renewable energy installation in the state by promoting small-scale solar rooftops in the disadvantaged communities. [California Watch]

At least one penguin at the St. Louis Zoo appears to be a feisty opponent of Newt Gingrich. [Huffington Post]

At a time when glacier melting is a burning issue in Pakistan, concerned experts met here on Monday to highlight the emerging climate-change challenges and to reduce threats of floods in Northern Pakistan. [Pakistan Observer]

Japan’s government is in a race against time to approve the restart of two reactors and possibly determine the fate of the country’s troubled nuclear power industry. [Guardian]