April 26 News: Aspen Chamber Resort Association Cuts Ties With U.S. Chamber Over Climate Change

At their annual retreat Tuesday morning, Aspen Chamber Resort Association board members voted 11–1 to cut ties with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of a disagreement over the national organization’s policy of disregarding man’s effect on climate change. [Aspen Times]

Climate change is one of the great challenges of this century, and the country needs a big, realistic debate about policy to address the threat. We encourage Mr. Obama to follow through on his words, giving the issue — and truly serious ways to deal with it — the prominence they deserve in this year’s election. [Washington Post Editorial]

Forecast the Facts, the activist group that first confronted GM about its support of climate change doubters the Heartland Institute, now plans to muster a public campaign targeting the Discovery Channel. The purpose: to get Discovery to acknowledge the scientific consensus on man-made climate change in its programming. [Los Angeles Times]

The Obama administration is expected to announce a broad plan on Thursday to foster development of the nation’s “bioeconomy,” including the use of renewable resources and biological manufacturing methods. [New York Times]


The Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, has already been reported in France and Belgium and could be migrating north to southern England as winters become warmer and wetter. [The Telegraph]

It started quite calmly but ended with a near riot, as supporters and critics traded applause and insults. Donald Trump, ever the crowd-pleasing showman, the brusque, blunt wheel-dealer, had his wish. [Guardian]

More than twenty companies have signed a partnership agreement to turn the North Sea into a major renewable energy hub focusing on offshore wind power, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is to announce on Thursday. [Reuters]