Are Republicans Hoping For The ‘Born This Way’ Candidate To Join The Presidential Race?

Seemingly unsatisfied with the diverse pool of candidates, Republicans continue to call for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to join the presidential race. But after months of signing marriage pledges and booing gay soldiers, it’s surprising the base would be interested in a candidate who has reasonably moderate views on LGBT issues. His record is brief, but not nearly as anti-gay as contenders like Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michele Bachmann:

– Christie signed into law the New Jersey’s LGBT-inclusive “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights,” the nation’s toughest law on bullying, which requires extensive training of teachers and staff, safety teams that involve parents, and thorough investigations of all allegations of bullying.

– Christie has said that, contrary to the teachings of his religion, he believes that gay people are “born this way,” and he doesn’t “look upon someone who’s homosexual as a sinner.”

– Though he opposes full marriage equality, he supports the civil unions that New Jersey currently offers.


Aside from the question Rick Santorum got last week on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, LGBT issues have been relatively absent from recent debates. Perhaps enthusiasm for Christie’s candidacy suggests Republicans are looking to abandon the discriminatory perspectives of social conservatives. On the other hand, maybe they just haven’t investigated his complete record yet.