Arkansas University Opens Gender-Specific Bathrooms To Trans Students

The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith recently told student Jennifer Braly that she was prohibited from giving lectures about being transgender to classes on campus, despite the fact that faculty were eager to feature her presentations. Braly suspected it was because she had sued the school for other forms of discrimination she faced. This week, the university reversed its policy restricting Braly to gender-neutral bathrooms after the Department of Justice sent a letter on her behalf. Trans students will now be able to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Braly’s complaints about housing and other discrimination remain unaddressed.

(Note: The original sources for this story, Fox News and Campus Reform, inappropriately and disrespectfully refer to Braly as “anatomically male,” using male pronouns — or no pronouns at all, in the case of Fox News — to reject the authenticity of her identity. Inside Higher Ed has published a story that better articulates her background and experiences.)