As Hurricane Approaches New Orleans, Romney Campaign Chair Complains Media ‘Is Obsessed With Mother Nature’

When Hurricane Isaac showed a looming threat of hitting Tampa, Florida, during the GOP convention, Romney campaign co-chair and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu told Fox News, “we’ll keep hoping that Isaac moves as far west as he can.”

Now that the storm has moved west — and is on the same trajectory as Hurricane Katrina, the storm that devastated New Orleans in 2005 — Sununu complained on Fox News today that the media is “obsessed with mother nature” and is unfairly covering the storm instead of the convention:

SUNUNU: We aren’t talking about jobs. It’s the media that is obsessed with mother nature. This is a jobs campaign. 8.3 unemployment, 25 million Americans underemployed or unemployed, and college graduates, half of them can’t find decent jobs. But each of the last four years, it is jobs.

KILMEADE: But you have to admit for the last week it is Medicare, and we’ve been talking a lot about that. No one can help if there is a storm coming. We’ve got to talk that.


SUNUNU: But it is jobs, Governor Romney is the guy to fix the job’s program.

Watch it:

Sununu’s callousness has been echoed by other members of his party. Rep Darryl Issa (R-CA) said he’d be “fine” if Isaac made landfall in New Orleans, as long as Republicans could win in November, and radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested yesterday that President Obama intentionally messed with the storm track predictions of Isaac to scare Republicans into canceling their convention.