As Movement Grows, Thousands In Boston Protest Against Bank Of America’s Greed

As ThinkProgress has been reporting, hundreds of people have encamped at Wall Street in the financial district of New York City to protest the greed of the nation’s biggest banks.

Now, the movement growing in New York appears to be spreading, as more than 3,000 people marched on Bank of America in Boston yesterday and more than two dozen people were arrested during a sit-in protesting the big bank’s foreclosure policies. The protests were organized by a coalition calling itself the New Bottom Line. Meanwhile, an occupation movement titled “Occupy Boston,” which is allied with the protesters in New York, has encamped itself for a long-term protest against the financial sector. Watch video of the demonstrations and resulting arrests:


The occupation of Wall Street appear to be organically spreading, as similar movements are popping up across the nation, in locations as varied as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.