Ask Free Enterprise Fund: Why Aren’t Sex Slaves Featured in Your Ads?

The Free Enterprise Fund (a right-wing group directed by CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and supply-side hack Jack Kemp) has purchased “well over $100,000” in television ads to defend Tom Delay. They say the ads will target the “liberal media and government” who “have been attacking free market principles and DeLay,” a great supporter of those principles.

ThinkProgress could not be happier.

For weeks we’ve been trying to get the media to pay attention to DeLay’s greatest free market accomplishment — what DeLay calls his “perfect Petri dish of capitalism. It’s like my Galapagos island” — the Northern Mariana islands. There, human “brokers” bring thousands of mostly young girls to work as sex slaves and in festering sweatshop garment factories (clothes there can be made with a misleading “Made in USA” tag since the islands are U.S. territory). And for years DeLay has “helped lead the fight” to keep it that way.

This is Tom DeLay’s free enterprise dream — sweatshops, exploitation, and zero employee rights. When he visited the islands in ’97, DeLay toasted the sweatshop owners as a “ shining light” who represented “everything that is good about what we are trying to do in America and leading the world in the free market system.” Last week DeLay said the workers there are “beautiful people who are happy about what’s happening.”


So, Free Enterprise Fund, please, please share this dream with America. Go to the Marianas and visit the sweatshops and show America how “happy” the workers are. You’re our last hope.

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