At Values Voter Summit, YAF spokesman defends conservatism: ‘Our women are hot.’

At the Values Voter Summit on Friday, former Miss California Carrie Prejean said that conservatives needed to be “an example” of “tolerance, respect and just how to be civil.” But her advice was ignored the next day when Young America’s Foundation spokesman Jason Mattera addressed a breakout session called “Turning The Tide In Your Generation.” In his comments, Mattera evoked the battle of David against Goliath as a metaphor for conservative college students who are ‘persecuted’ by the big bad liberals who control academia.” While discussing that theme, Mattera took the opportunity to argue for the supremacy of conservatism by saying, “our women are hot”:

During the panel, Mattera took the David and Goliath metaphor another perverse step: If conservatives (David) smite liberals (Goliath), they will be rewarded with the hot conservative women, just like King Saul promised his daughter to the warrior who slew the evil giant. “You know his daughter must have been beautiful because there’s no guy whose gonna die for an ugly girl,” Mattera chortled. “Our women are hot. We have Michelle Malkin. Who does the left have, Rachel Maddow? Sorry, I prefer that my women not look like dudes.”


Reporting for CampusProgress, Sarah Posner points out that Mattera had even more problems with his David and Goliath metaphor: “’David has the righteous answer,’ Mattera said, ‘because he is taking pride in his Christian beliefs.’ No matter that Mattera didn’t accurately grasp David’s biography or the biblical timeline. In conserva-land, David, a character from the Old Testament, was a Christian even before Christ was born.”