AUDIO: O’Reilly and Malkin Smear Cindy Sheehan

If you don’t like what the mother of a fallen soldier has to say, what do you do? Smear her! Last night on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly and right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin launched the personal attack on Cindy Sheehan.

First, O’Reilly painted her as a traitor:

I think Mrs. Sheehan bears some responsibility for this [publicity] and also for the responsibility for the other American families who lost sons and daughters in Iraq who feel this kind of behavior borders on treasonous. LISTEN HERE

Malkin took it up a notch by bringing Sheehan’s son, who was killed last year:


I can’t imagine that Casey Sheehan would approve of such behavior. LISTEN HERE

Is smearing grieving mothers how the right-wing supports the troops?

UPDATE: See Crooks and Liars for video of the segment.