Average Internet Speeds

Akamai’s latest “State of the Internet” report is out. The news that average Internet speed in the United States lags behind many other countries should be familiar by now:

In that light, it’s interesting to note that if you look at the world’s fastest cities the United States actually dominates. Here’s a list I made of the top ten cities:

The difference is that these are all relatively small places. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth fastest internet cities in Asia are all in South Korea and they include places like Seocho-gu and Masan that have many more residents than Sandy or Charlottsville.

Also note that the generally prevailing speeds in the Northeast are higher and comparable to the faster European countries, though not to the fastest Asian countries:


And just to reiterate, if population density and/or urbanization is the reason the US needs to be slower than Japan and Sweden you need to explain why internet speed in the District of Columbia is also slower than the internet in those countries.