Bachmann: Americans Will Never Elect A Republican If Health Law Is Implemented

During a town hall in South Carolina yesterday, Michele Bachmann warned that maintaining the Affordable Care Act would prevent the country from electing a Republican president since the law would eliminate limited government and conservative principles. From Politico’s Marin Cogan:

The Minnesota congresswoman struck an urgent tone, issuing dire warnings to voters over the consequences not electing a Republican who will repeal Obama’s health care law in 2012.

“I have wept in Washington DC watching what’s happening to our country,” Bachmann said.

Speaking in hushed and sometimes pleading tones, she warned that the implementation of Obama’s health care law would be a death knell to conservatism in America. “You can’t put socialized medicine into a country and think that ever again you can elect as president a Republican or conservative or a even or tea partier and think somehow we’re going to get back to limited government, it won’t happen, because socialized medicine is the definition of big government,” she said.


“That’s why this is it. 2012 is it,” she added, calling it a “last chance election” for the country.

It’s a strange claim, particularly since the law is grounded in two “Republican or conservative” principles — the individual mandate and health insurance exchanges — which were developed by the Heritage Foundation.