Bachmann Pal Bradlee Dean: Lawsuit Against Maddow Is About ‘Protecting’ Children From Homosexual Agenda

Radio minister and former rocker Bradlee Dean canceled his appearance with SiriusXM’s Michelangelo Signorile yesterday afternoon (claiming that he was overwhelmed with “interview requests”), but felt well enough to appear on Alex Jones’ show to discuss his lawsuit against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and the Minnesota Independent’s Andy Birkey. Dean alleges that Maddow and Birkey defamed him and his ministry when they suggested that he wants to kill homosexuals and ignored a “very clear disclaimer” on his website saying that he does not endorse such action.

In his appearance on Jones’ show, Dean doubled down on his long record of anti-gay rhetoric, claiming that his lawsuit aimed at “protecting the young in public high schools” from homosexual indoctrination and agreeing with Jones that gay people teach fisting to young children:

DEAN: It’s about protecting a particular people who are being attacked, namely the young in public high schools and that’s what this is really about and what they want to do is they want to keep me on the defense so they can stay on the offense so they can continuously play the victim.

JONES: All over the country, it is a fact, and I wouldn’t want heterosexuals recruiting 7-year-olds. They target children and I can’t even say on the radio for 20 years what’s been taught.

DEAN: Yep.

JONES: But they teach children sexual acts that can kill you.

DEAN: Yep.

JONES: I mean, we’re talking about fisting, ladies and gentlemen. Things like that are taught to 7-year-olds.

Watch it:

Dean has a long friendship with Michele Bachmann, dating back to her days as a Minnesota state senator. In 2005, Bachmann sent Dean’s ministry a letter of endorsement, saying, “Your work is a testament to the struggle our youth are facing in making the right choices in the face of controversy and peer pressure. […] I commend you on writing this book for parents and youth alike,” she wrote.


Bachmann has also appeared on Dean’s radio show and attended his fundraisers. “It a tough job that you do, but someone has to do it. I thank God that he has given you the strength and the resolve to fight for our timeless values,” she said of Dean in 2009.

During a press conference announcing the lawsuit yesterday, Dean returned the favor and specifically referenced Bachmann, saying, “It is clear that Rachael Maddow, Phil Griffin, NBC, and its subsidiary MSNBC intended to use my ministry and me to destroy the presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann who they despise for her conservative Christian beliefs and her opposition to the ‘gay rights’ political agenda.” [HT: Dump Michele Bachmann ]