Bachmann’s Favorite Rock Star/Preacher Begs Obama To Stop Promoting ‘Radical Homosexual Agenda’

The Dump Michele Bachmann blog reports that Michele Bachmann buddy Bradlee Dean has penned an open letter to President Obama, asking him to stop promoting the “radical homosexual agenda” in public schools.

Dean, the rock star turned pastor who is suing Rachel Maddow for suggesting that he supports killing gay people, lays out his grievances with the administration’s policies, complete with references to pedophilia and child pornography:

Dean has a long friendship with Bachmann, dating back to her days as a Minnesota state senator. In 2005, Bachmann sent Dean’s ministry a letter of endorsement, saying, “Your work is a testament to the struggle our youth are facing in making the right choices in the face of controversy and peer pressure. […] I commend you on writing this book for parents and youth alike,” she wrote. Bachmann has also appeared on Dean’s radio show and attended his fundraisers. “It a tough job that you do, but someone has to do it. I thank God that he has given you the strength and the resolve to fight for our timeless values,” she said of Dean in 2009.

Dean argues that his lawsuit against Maddow is designed to “protect the young in public high schools” from homosexual indoctrination and prevent the media from smearing Bachmann.