Bachmann’s stimulus plan: $1 billion to each of the 435 congressional districts.

Last month, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) voted against the House version of the economic recovery package, claiming that it had “far too little actual stimulus” and “far too much plain old political pork.” In an interview last week with the St Croix Valley Press, Bachmann said that she wished “the bill would contain more money for transportation and roads and infrastructure building.” She then offered an odd proposal for how to do that:

“There are 435 house districts across the United States,” she said. “Let’s say congress limited itself to $435 billion on the stimulus package and $1 billion to the 6th district and put that on infrastructure spending and build the Stillwater bridge, for instance, or widen I-35, or build overpasses by Forest Lake by I-35 where we need them.”