Back in the New York Groove

First off, huge thanks to BabylonSista and Katie for filling in for me here last week. I always love reading their writing — having them here makes me feel like two good friends have come to visit for the week. Second, thanks to all of you for being patient for me while I was being a little pokey. Doing this whole moving a grown-up amount of stuff into a grown-up apartment is tiring!I did manage to write a couple of things, though! In honor of Chuck Brown’s Grammy nod, I wrote an analysis of the song he really should have been nominated for (And as an indirect result, ended up getting followed by Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim on Twitter. Twitter is the greatest democratizing force of our age, y’all). And I’m doing a roundtable with my friends Sara Libby and Tyler Lewis on the state of the female emee in The Atlantic. My kickoff is here. Sara’s follow-up is here. Tyler’s will be up later today. And I might have some thoughts on consciousness-raising v. battling and the need for more female moguls in the Missy vein later this week.And now, back to the blog! I missed y’all.