Bank Backs Off Eviction Of 103-Year-Old Woman, Will Work Out A Deal To Let Her Stay

On Tuesday, 103-year-old Vita Lee and her 83-year-old daughter were due to be evicted from their Atlanta home of 53 years. Yet movers and sheriff’s deputies refused the bank’s request for eviction, leaving her in her home.

Following the public outcry in support of Lee, “Chase Bank, which services the loan on Hall’s house on Penelope Road that’s owned by Deutsche Bank now said it has no plans to evict Hall or her daughter.” The bank will instead work out an arrangement with the family so they can keep the home.

Hall credits the movers and deputies who refused to kick her out of her home with the victory: “I want God to bless them and he will. They won’t be able to count the blessing. I know I’m not…I can’t count them one-by-one.”

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Lee’s victory comes at a time when 99 Percenters are planning to refocus their Occupy Wall Street-fueled actions on home foreclosures this winter, as Salon’s Justin Elliott reports.