Bar-Owning GOP Montana State Representative Says Stricter DUI Laws Are ‘Destroying A Way Of Life’

The Montana state legislature is currently debating a series of bills related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws. The bills would increase the penalties for adults who facilitate minors’ access to alcohol, count older DUI offenses against a defendant in sentencing, and require new training for vendors who sell alcohol.

Earlier this week, Republican Rep. Alan Hale took to the floor of the Montana legislature to slam these bills. The legislator — who actually runs a bar in Basin, Montana — declared that the new DUI laws are harming small businesses and destroying a way of life:

HALE: These DUI laws are not doing our small businesses in our state any good at all. They are destroying them. They are destroying a way of life that has been in Montana for years and years.

Watch it:


“As we’re approaching April Fools Day, I would certainly hope that’s what he’s proposing because that would be completely out of line otherwise,” said Hardin, Montana, teacher Dohn Ratliff. “I’ve witnessed too many of my own students that have been killed by drunk drivers, and I think more needs to be done, not less.”