Bartlett: Bush not sitting around thinking, ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda.’

Today, the Washington Post has a front-page story about what President Bush has been up to since leaving office. His activities include working on his book, traveling once a week to “give a speech or raise money for his $300 million presidential center,” and donating canned goods to local Cub Scouts. One thing he’s not doing? Reflecting on what he could have done better during his two terms in office:

Bush feels content with his presidency, friends said. Now he will try to explain his two terms by writing a book and building a presidential center at Dallas’s Southern Methodist University so that history will have the means to judge him fairly.

“Over the course of being president for eight years, you become, in some respects, immune to all the noise out there,” said Dan Bartlett, who was a senior aide to Bush for more than a decade. “He’s secure in the place he’s in. He’s confident in the decisions he made. There’s none of that ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda.’”

Next week, approximately 20 members of the old Bush gang are getting together for a reunion in Dallas, although Vice President Cheney is not expected to show up.