Beck guest host Doc Thompson: Tanning salon tax makes health care reform a ‘racist law.’

The recently passed health care reform act includes a 10 percent tax on indoor tanning salons to help pay for expanded insurance coverage for millions of Americans. Radio host Doc Thompson, subbing in for Fox News host Glenn Beck on his radio show today, used the tax to make the absurd accusation that the health bill is somehow “racist”:

For years I’ve suggested that racism was in decline and yeah, there are some, you know, incidents that still happen with regards to racism, but most of the claims I’ve said for years, well, they’re not really real. But I realize now that I was wrong. For I now too feel the pain of racism. Racism has been dropped at my front door and the front door of all lighter-skinned Americans. The health care bill the president just singed into law includes a 10 percent tax on all indoor tanning sessions starting July 1st, and I say, who uses tanning? Is it dark-skinned people? I don’t think so. I would guess that most tanning sessions are from light-skinned Americans. Why would the President of the United Stats of America — a man who says he understands racism, a man who has been confronted with racism — why would he sign such a racist law? Why would he agree to do that? Well now I feel the pain of racism.

Listen here:

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The real motivation behind the tanning tax is to disincentive the carcinogenic practice of indoor tanning. Later in the show, when asked about real racism — Congressional Black Caucus members being spit upon and yelled at — Thompson refused to believe their testimony, despite the presence of new video evidence. Thompson suggested that the congressmen should be given a lie detector test to see if they are telling the truth. Thompson also began the show by saying that he can be heard regularly “in the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia.” It’s not surprising that Beck would hand off his show to someone with Thompson’s views, considering Beck has called President Obama “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” (HT: Atrios)