Beck Includes Senate-Confirmed Staffer (Twice) In His Photo Of ‘Czars’ ‘Not Confirmed By Congress’

On his Fox News show today, Glenn Beck featured one of his patented spooky-music video packages, this time fearmongering about the Obama administration’s “czars.” “He has 37 czars to oversee and advise him directly,” said Beck. “Never before have there been so many executive posts that were not confirmed by Congress and who answered only to the president.” Watch it:

As is common with conservatives making the “czar” attack, Beck simply has his facts wrong. Many of the positions he refers to as czars are actually long-standing positions. Additionally, in Beck’s photo gallery of czars, he includes Elizabeth Warren, who in her position as chair of a Congressional oversight panel, works for Congress — not the White House. Beck also includes Cass Sunstein, who “cruised” through his confirmation hearing for his nomination to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, but his final confirmation is being held up by Senate Republicans.

Additionally, in his photo gallery of “czars,” Beck included two pictures of director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy John Holdren, who was also confirmed by the Senate. Look:


Last month, Beck referred to OMB Director Peter Orszag, who is Senate-confirmed, as a “czar.” He later acknowledged his mistake after he was called out on it.