Beck: ‘[W]e’re in the same situation here’ as in Iran.

Today, the Washington Post hosted Fox News’ Glenn Beck, who is currently promoting his latest book, for a brief online chat. The first question asked whether Beck believed that “we’re facing the destruction of our country.” “Yeah,” Beck replied, and compared the United States to the current political upheaval in Iran:

CHICAGO: Glenn, On June 6 you said”(I)f we don’t have some common sense, we’re facing the destruction of our country… it’s coming” Do you really believe that the USA is facing destruction?

GLENN BECK: Yeah, I said on Sept. 11 that we should fear no outside force, the only that would destroy America is us, from the inside. I look at what’s happening in Iran, and they are arquing [sic] on who is going to be a better leader in their theocracy. Both candidates were picked buy [sic] the mullahs, neither candidate can do anything without the mullahs telling them it’s okay.

I think we’re in the same situation here. Bill Mahr said this weekend that Barack Obama was George Bush Lite. What are we fighting over? What is the difference between these two parties? There are reasons to speak out, but tearing ourselves apart over these scraps of freedom is odd. We’ve stopped melting together. Our strength was that we were a melting pot.


Beyond the comparison to Iran, it’s odd that Beck purports to lament the disappearance of the “melting pot,” considering how frequently he rails against minorities.