Beck: ‘We Shouldn’t Spend A Single Dime’ On New Orleans, Residents Should Just ‘Move Out’

Last night on his CNN program, Glenn Beck, talking with former Cheney adviser Mary Matalin, noted the possibility of a hurricane hitting New Orleans on “day one of the Republican convention” next week. But Beck then expressed his displeasure that tax money is being spent in New Orleans and offered a simple solution to residents not wishing to experience another Katrina-like disaster: “Move” :

BECK: Why are we spending all this money in New Orleans? We shouldn’t spend a single dime of taxpayers’ money in a place where — I don’t care where it is — where it is in a flood zone. Move out of the place that, you know, you’re below sea level.

Watch it:

Of course, the New Orleans area is not the only flood zone in the United States that receives federal tax dollars. Areas of Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Missouri and numerous other American states are now considered flood zones. Does Beck expect these residents to pick up and move as well? If so, where to?


Meanwhile in New Orleans, residents are preparing for Hurricane Gustav, which is barreling toward the Gulf Coast. The storm is expected to reach New Orleans on Monday, the same day President Bush is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention and just in time for the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has said he will skip the convention if the storm continues to move toward his state. However, as of yet, the White House has not said whether President Bush intends to risk a repeat of 2005.

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