Belated Recognition For World Plumbing Day

Marin Cogan and Jonathan Allen report that House freshman Republicans think Harry Reid is an evil big spending socialist blah blah blah. But they end on a funny note:

“The American people sent us into the Congress of the United States to do the peoples’ job, and we have done it,” Texas Rep. Quico Canseco said.

“We’re here to implore the Senate to do something. If they’ve got enough time to go and pass bills like the March 11 national or international plumbing day, then they can certainly look at our continuing resolution,” Canseco said.

This turns out to be a real thing. March 11 was World Plumbing Day. Stupid as that sounds, this World Plumbing Day YouTube video actually makes a lot of good points, most notably that improved plumbing technology has probably done more to improve public health outcomes than all the health care in the world:


The real scandal here, however, isn’t that the Senate took the time to pass a World Plumbing Day resolution, it’s that the Senate has become so ossified that the vote didn’t take place until March 14.