Ben Shapiro: ‘Left-wing anti-Semitism’ is more dangerous than violent white supremacists

The New York Times' celebrated 'cool kid's philosopher' is at it again.

Ben Shapiro in a screengrab from a video that was posted on February 2, 2017. (The Daily Wire/YouTube)
Ben Shapiro in a screengrab from a video that was posted on February 2, 2017. (The Daily Wire/YouTube)

Ben Shapiro, the right-wing wunderkind who was infamously anointed as “the cool kid’s philosopher” by the New York Times in a take that has not aged well, is back to his biggest passion: Giving speeches on college campuses to own the libs.

Shapiro, who claims to be five-foot-nine, ran through his latest performative desecration of progressive strawmen at the University of Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

There was a hint of some new flavor, however. During his otherwise standard diatribe on facts not caring about feelings, Shapiro made a surprising admission regarding what he viewed as the biggest threat to Jewish people.

In case you can’t bring yourself to watch the conservative provocateur whose father has defended him under a pseudonym, here is a transcript of his remarks.

“But to Jews worldwide, and to Jews more deeply over time, the clear answer to which of these types of anti-Semitism is most threatening is not the white supremacist threat. The real answer is institutionalized left-wing anti-Semitism, which works in combination with radical Islamic anti-Semitism at a high level.”

As they say: Whoa, if true. (It’s…not.)

Shapiro, whose wife is a doctor (in case you haven’t heard), then complained that the anti-Semitism of white supremacists have received more attention than “radical Islamic anti-Semitism” before reciting the usual conservative talking points about Louis Farrakhan and Democrats.

The author of the 2009’s most unintentional comedy “Rap Is Crap” then closed out his performance with a return to his well-worn shtick about the “transgender movement,” men not receiving the credit they deserve for feminism, et cetera.


Shapiro’s comments come a few short weeks after appalling incidents of anti-Semitic violence by right-wing extremists. Last month, 11 people were massacred at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The suspect, who has been charged with 29 federal crimes, reportedly trafficked in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have been promoted by Republicans like Trump, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA), Rep. Louis Gohmert (TX), and Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL). Earlier that same week, around a dozen prominent Democrats who are frequent targets of the president’s incendiary rhetoric were sent explosive devices. The suspect, who has been charged with five federal hate crimes, drove a van covered in pro-Trump stickers and allegedly promoted similar anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently released new statistics showing an alarming rise in hate crimes for the third-straight year, specifically a notable increase in anti-Semitic crimes.