Best Toles cartoon ever

Maybe Toles reads Climate Progress (see “The breakthrough technology illusion”).

Toles has been on fire lately. Here’s more, starting with today’s “rant”:

Friday Rant, YOU edition

A little billowing cloud of brown. Mesmerizing. No, alarming. No, fatal. Fatal to one of the many infuriatingly lazy arguments against climate change. The one that says how “arrogant” it is to think that we mere humans could have an impact on something so BIG as the atmosphere. A drop in the bucket!


Well, the Gulf of Mexico is a pretty enormous bucket, and that little billowing brown cloud of oil is having PLENTY of impact. How long has it been? Weeks? Now how long have we been dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? And what would our plan be on capping THAT, again? How about if we let that gulf leak run for, say, a CENTURY or so? How would that be for you? Might that be a BAD thing? Oh, how “arrogant”!

Let’s all get outraged some more at the pathetic mumbling coming from the oil guy in the testifying chair. “Couldn’t foresee, didn’t think, didn’t realize, didn’t take steps, awfully sorry.” Well, when it comes to the climate, YOU are the guy in the testifying chair. Okay, now would you care to explain yourself?

And one last one for the weekend:

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