‘Better Call Saul’ Gets A Theme Song


Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off/prequel that promises to show us the origin story of everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer (emphasis on criminal) just got itself a shiny new theme song. Here’s the video, performed by Junior Brown with lyrics by show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

Let’s take a moment to feel for AMC. Mad Men is almost over and, being 100% real, I cannot find it in me to care about Mad Men like I used to; I watch the show like I do my homework, just so that I can have already done it and will understand the next day’s reading. Breaking Bad is gone. The Walking Dead is a powerhouse, but it’s just one powerhouse. Recent attempts to create the next amazing hour-long show have been either laughably bad (Low Winter Sun) or weak compared to the rest of TV’s offerings (Halt And Catch Fire). So if this feels like a network putting all their show-eggs in one highly anticipated basket, well, that’s why.

Related question: Will we ever actually see a full episode of Better Call Saul? Or is this life now: one teaser after another, a half-minute behind-the-scenes interview here, an eleven-second clip there?

I am not exaggerating re: the eleven-second clip thing. Seriously, all the clips are eleven seconds long. Or, as in the case below, ten:

Sometimes — sometimes! — when we are lucky, when we are patient, when we interrupt that person at the bar who keeps talking about how great The Wire was to assert that, Imma let you finish, but Breaking Bad was the best television drama of all time, someone hears our cries and gifts us an entire minute of new, Better Call Saul content.

’Tis not for us to ask for more.