Beyond the Ring

It makes me profoundly sad for our popular culture that it’s a revelation for studios and critics alike that if you give girls in movies something to do other than chase boys, perhaps more people will want to see said movies. It’s not just that movies about romance are interesting only to women, they’re interesting only to people when they’re in the mood for thinking about romance. Most of us are interesting in a lot of things, including but not limited to, violence, family, justice, redemption, class, friendship, samurai swords, meth dealers, outlaws, superheroes who work in law firms, high court intrigue, the guys who wrote the King James Bible, women who rule countries and editorial staffs, the possibility that deities are alive and well and hanging out in America. Of the universe of things that people can do, falling in love is an emotionally significant but tiny part of that activity. There’s only so much time I want to think about it on screen when there’s the rest of the world left to explore.