Big Oil Stooge Glenn Beck Taking Over Larry King Live Tonight

The Think Progress mothership reports that Glenn Beck “will guest-host CNN’s Larry King Live tonight,” the same time his 7 PM CNN Headline News show repeats. This means:

In inviting Beck to host Larry King, CNN is granting Beck a monopoly over its programming for a full prime-time hour. Counting scheduled replays of both programs, Beck will be on air for a total of eight hours between 7 PM tonight and 7 AM tomorrow morning — a full third of the two networks’ combined airtime.

Beck is one of the most notorious Big Oil apologists and global warming deniers in mainstream media today, famed for his bizarre anti-polar-bear fetish.

More substantively, in just the past few months Beck has:


— Falsely claimed that “global warming now looks like it’s going to be on hold for ten years.”

— Described the disastrous coal-to-liquid gasoline technology as “good for the nation.”

— Told America to “Be thankful for big oil.”

— Promoted false smears against former Vice President Al Gore.

Beck’s ranting against reality is consistent with his right-wing worldview. Check out Think Progress to review Beck’s sorry history of racist, sexist, and bigoted remarks.