Bill Banuchi Needs A Filter

Rev. Bill Banuchi, head of the right-wing extremist group the “New York Christian Coalition,” thinks gays should have to wear warning labels.

We put warning labels on cigarette packs because we know that smoking takes one to two years off the average life span, yet we ‘celebrate’ a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease and takes at least 20 years off the average lifespan.

Banuchi is basing his hateful claim on a “study” done by the anti-gay Family Research Institute. Their crack research consisted entirely of reading a few obituaries from gay newspapers and averaging the ages. (The Family Research Institute is the same group which is attacking macaroni-and-cheese giant Kraft Foods because the company is a sponsor of next year’s Gay Games, an annual Olympics meant to promote tolerance, acceptance and understanding.)

What’s next, Rev. Banuchi? Forcing homosexuals to wear pink triangles?