Bill O’Reilly goes Hollywood.

“An American Carol” — a new movie which opens Oct. 3 — is directed by David Zucker and features a cameo by Bill O’Reilly. The film, according to O’Reilly, is “a spoof of the far left, focusing on Michael Moore, played by Kevin Farley — the late Chris Farley’s brother.” Pandagon notes that O’Reilly previewed the trailer on his show this week. The movie includes a scene in which O’Reilly follows the fictional Moore into a bathroom stall and slaps him. Watch it:

Jesse Taylor writes, “You know what’s less funny than this? Live streaming footage of murder. You know what’s more funny than this? Everything else.” (HT: Atrios)



In his book Culture Warrior, O’Reilly asserts, “Of course, Hollywood also trumpets the S-P [secular-progressive] agenda. So traditionalists are really up against it in the media — with two huge exceptions: talk radio and Fox News.” (p. 59)