Bill O’Reilly Says He Found a Solar Installer

When Bill O’Reilly said he couldn’t find anyone on Long Island to put solar on his home, a number of organizations put out the call across New York to help him get a quote.

With hundreds of companies in the state, O’Reilly’s comments were a bit perplexing: “I want to buy solar or wind for my house this winter. Can you tell me where to do that? There’s nowhere, no one.”

Well, over 60 solar companies signed an open letter to O’Reilly telling him they’d be happy to give him a quote, and it looks like he’s now ready to take the leap. “There’s a legitimate guy on Long Island,” O’Reilly said on his show last night, to Alan Colmes.

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Leading into a segment tearing apart the clean energy stimulus, O’Reilly mentioned “all the crazy people” who had been sending him messages encouraging him to back up his word.


“There is a legitimate guy on long island. He’s going to come over and give me a price and I’m going to report back to you. Because I don’t want to be dependent on OPEC and I don’t think anybody does,” he said.

Aside from the fact that O’Reilly (like all too many people) gets solar electricity mixed up with oil, it’s a positive sign that he’s at least making the effort to get a quote. We’ll see what O’Reilly reports back when he talks to that “guy” on Long Island.

Kudos to all the companies that stepped up and encouraged him to contact one of the hundreds of installers in the state. Who knows, if all goes well, maybe O’Reilly will become the next solar spokesperson?

Dave Llorens, CEO of 1 Block Off the Grid had a great post last year on the importance of having people like O’Reilly and Sarah Palin installing solar.