Black Family Says White Hospital Volunteer Assaulted Them, Used The N-Word, And Invoked Donald Trump


Isaiah Baskins, a father of three, was at North Carolina’s Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on April 14 to seek treatment for his then two-week-old daughter when a white hospital volunteer began verbally and physically assaulting his family.

“You’re getting out,” the volunteer, Donna Bridger, screamed as she lashed out at the family, pushing him and his children out the door of the waiting area and calling them racial slurs. “Shut your mouth up,” she yelled repeatedly, according to a video Baskins recorded during the incident.

The video went viral, and authorities have charged the former volunteer with simple assault. But Justin Bamberg, the lawyer representing the Baskins family, told ThinkProgress that the video leaves out an important detail: The volunteer referenced Donald Trump before Baskins started recording the attack.

“When she’s flipping out on them, she says ‘Get your black kids out of here. Do you even have a job? Do you know what a job is, n-word? This is what Donald Trump’s talking about, people like you.”


“There is no justification that I can think of for her saying these things — telling him to get his black children out of there, calling him the n-word, and mentioning Donald Trump in the same breath,” Bamberg added.

Watch the video:

Inform Player SuiteEdit descriptionlaunch.newsinc.comBaskins’ one-year-old and three-year-old sons were both present for the attack and were involved in the physical altercation. In the days after the incident, local media highlighted the video and the woman’s racist and aggressive behavior, but did not mention her politics.

“In speaking with my clients, this other piece of information came out,” Bamberg said. “What we’ve seen this entire campaign from Donald Trump is a high level of what I would consider bigoted positions toward woman and minorities… His blatant hate-filled speech toward certain groups of people is empowering others and making them feel bolder about being able to do and say and act a certain way toward others.”

The hospital volunteer’s attack is just one in a long list of violent, racially-motivated incidents that have occurred across the country since Trump launched his campaign. Trump has yet to condemn his violent supporters, even as his rhetoric continues to fuel the rise in hateful incidents.


How Trump Has Inspired Violence Across The Country, In One MapPolitics by CREDIT: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar The violence at Donald Trump campaign events is attracting more and more…thinkprogress.orgThinkProgress has tracked these attacks — both at Trump campaign events and in random locations across the country. In North Carolina alone, two Latina demonstrators have been attacked by Trump supporters at a campaign rally in Raleigh and an African American protester at separate rally was sucker-punched by a Trump supporter.

Trump then defended the man who punched the black protester, saying he might pay his legal fees.

“If this were the 1960s, this is something people would expect,” said Bamberg, who also represents the family of Walter Scott, a black man who was killed by a white police officer during a traffic stop in South Carolina. “In 2016, you don’t expect this type of stuff to happen. You definitely don’t expect it at a hospital.”