Black Pastors Front Group Profits Off Hate Groups

The so-called Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) is a group that exists solely to oppose marriage equality on behalf of black religious leaders, though it boasts only a dozen visible members. Today, USA Today called out the organization for the front group that it is, noting its multiple anti-gay connections. Its head, Rev. Bill Owens, who compares marriage equality to child molestation, has been deemed the National Organization for Marriage’s “Religious Liaison,” meaning he’s probably profiting just like fellow black pastor Bishop Harry Jackson. Another anti-gay group, the American Principles Project, pays for CAAP’s use of a public relations firm. Hate groups like the Family Research Council and American Family Association lent CAAP $26,000 in 2004. It’s becoming crystal clear that the group only exists to foster the wedge between African-Americans and the LGBT community established in NOM’s strategy memos.

(HT: Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.)