Trump took credit for low black unemployment. The Congressional Black Caucus wasn’t impressed.

He's riding on President Obama's coattails.

CREDIT: Fox News/Screenshot
CREDIT: Fox News/Screenshot

At Tuesday night’s State of the Union, President Trump bragged that the unemployment rate for African Americans was at an all-time low. When the camera showed members of the Congressional Black Caucus, they were not applauding — and that’s probably because Trump is not the one who deserves credit for it.

Indeed, African American unemployment fell at a slower rate than it had in the previous four years, having fallen fairly consistently since way back in 2010, just two years into President Obama’s first term.


Despite this significant decline over the past decade, unemployment for African Americans is still twice as high as it is for white workers.

In the video above, watch Democrats react to Trump’s State of the Union. Their faces say it all.