Blackwater: putting the ‘mercy back in mercenary.’

UPDATE: Politico has now removed this story from its site, unable to verify the authenticity of the press release.

Today, Blackwater plans to unveil a new Corporate Integrity Department, responding to “a need to defend its corporate name and clear up its public image.” The new head of integrity, Kitty Laver — who has “20 years’ experience in public relations and corporate responsibility” — said that her job is “to put the mercy back in mercenary.” In another effort at superficial image restoration, Blackwater recently redesigned its infamous logo to be “far less ‘kick your butt’ and much more ‘quarterly report.’”

UPDATE II: Politico now reports that the press release was a “hoax” by Code Pink.

UPDATE III: Noah Shachtman discovers the marketing of the “Blackwater Special Edition” pistol.