Blanche Lincoln and EFCA

It seems that Senator Blance Lincoln (D-AR) thinks the Employee Free Choice Act is unnecessary. After all, non-union Arkansas is a bastion of prosperity! Well, actually, no, it’s poverty-stricken and features ultra low wages. But guess who likes low wages? Wal-Mart. And guess who loves Wal-Mart? Arkansas politicians like Blanche Lincoln. After all, Wal-Mart cares:

“I was raised in a family that believed we have a responsibility to help our fellow man in need, and I’m proud to see Wal-Mart — a corporate constituent — embrace that same belief,” said Senator Blanche Lincoln, co-founder of the bipartisan U.S. Senate Hunger Caucus. “Millions of Americans are hungry every day. Wal-Mart’s generous donation of nutritious food to those most in need will encourage others to join us in our fight to eliminate hunger.”

Personally, I was raised in a family that believed that in a just society people who work hard at full-time jobs wouldn’t live in poverty and wouldn’t need to rely on charitable handouts to feed their families. That means high wages and unions.