Bloch defends spending taxpayer money on custom-made hand towels.

In addition to charges of intimidating whistleblowers, deleting incriminating files, and pursuing investigations for political purposes, embattled Special Counsel Scott Bloch has also been accused of wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary items, including $400 on custom-made hand towels for his bathroom. The Blotter reports:

Yes, the towels are quite real, and a legitimate expense, Bloch said through a spokesman Wednesday. Bloch has served since 2003 as the head of the Office of Special Counsel, charged with protecting the rights of government whistleblowers and investigating charges of improper political activity by government workers.

“Scott, as a presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed member of the administration gets an allowance for things,” spokesman Jim Mitchell explained. “He paid about $300 for some towels that had the OSC seal on it. He took a couple home, which he paid for himself.”

Yesterday, FBI agents raided Bloch’s home and office.