Blue Bunny Ice Cream Distances Itself From Vander Plaats: ‘Employee Support Is Not An Endorsement By Our Brand’

On Wednesday, ThinkProgress reported on the connections between the Wells family behind Wells Dairy and Blue Bunny and Bob Vander Plaats, the president of the FAMiLY LEADER who was recently caught laughing at an anti-gay faggot joke and suggesting that President Obama was born in Kenya. Mike Wells, the president and CEO of the company, was a member of Vander Plaats’ council of advisers during his gubernatorial campaign and public records reveal that Wells family members have contributed at least $456,000 to Vander Plaats and his affiliated organizations and campaigns.

Yesterday, Blue Bunny issued a statement clarifying that despite the tremendous contributions of its chief executives, the company itself has not endorsed Vander Plaats or donated money to his campaigns:

Regarding Recent Posts About Political ContributionsBlue Bunny and Wells Enterprises have never donated money to Bob Vander Plaat’s political campaign. Everyone, including our employees, has a right to support political activities within their role as a private citizen. What our employees support personally is in no way an endorsement by our brand or our company.

The company’s CEO, however, is still committed to the Vander Plaats “experience.” As he notes in his endorsement of Vander Plaats’ consulting firm, “Bob is the real deal! He inspires leaders to lead via his many successes, his personal stories, and his contagious enthusiasm. Fasten your seatbelts. You’re in for a real experience.”


Meanwhile, a Facebook group has formed calling for a boycott of Blue Bunny ice cream — which also has endorsement deals with Weight Watchers, Disney, and Ace of Cakes — and other bloggers are calling attention to other businesses that have supported Vander Plaats.