Blue Shield of California reverses course on its cancellation policy.

Yesterday, Think Progress reported that Blue Shield of California has threatened its customers with revocation of their policies if they miss even a single payment. Today, following “tough questions” from its policyholders and the press, the massive Californian insurer reversed course and backed off its new cancellation policy:

San Francisco-based Blue Shield told its policyholders recently, if they paid their insurance premium late, they could lose their insurance. However, late Wednesday afternoon, after facing tough questions from ABC7 and policyholders, Blue Shield reversed that policy.

They went back and forth on this issue and it quickly turned into a nightmare for Blue Shield. Then on Wednesday afternoon, the company sent ABC7 an email saying in light of all the feedback from members, they are now going back to their old policy — meaning nothing has changed.

Blue Shield policyholders like Kevin Epstein were put on notice and told if their insurance payment is made after the due date, they may be declined coverage. “Maybe it’s the season, but based on the season, I think, the Grinch came early this year,” said Epstein.

Watch ABC7’s report about the incident here:

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