Blunt Falsely Denies Paying Hundreds of Thousands to Abramoff Firm

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) now claims he has enough votes to win the race for House Majority Leader.

This morning on Fox, Blunt was asked about the fact that his political action committees have paid $485,000 to the Alexander Strategy Group, the lobbying firm at the heart of the DeLay-Abramoff corruption scandals. Blunt responded, “I’m pretty sure that…figure is absolutely not accurate.”

Actually, it’s precisely accurate. From a Public Citizen report released Friday:

Ten of Blunt’s biggest contributors have hired ASG as their lobbying firm. Blunt’s committees paid ASG $485,485 since 1999 for fundraising and consulting services. ASG’s clients, meanwhile, have funneled $581,866 into Blunt’s committees.


Blunt spokeswoman Burson Taylor was asked to respond to the report by the Washington Post. She dismissed the findings as “a rehash of old charges,” but apparently did not challenge their accuracy.