Bob Novak Lies Again

Here’s what Bob Novak just told Candy Crowley on CNN:

NOVAK: “I can’t — I can’t tell anything I ever talked to Karl Rove about, because I don’t even think I talked to him about anything, even the time of day, on the record.” [CNN, Inside Politics, 7/26/05]

Oh really?

Bob Novak op-ed, The New York Post, May 3, 1999


“According to Iowa sources, Rove asked for cancellation of this year’s vote. Iowa Republican Chairman Kayne Robinson declined, though voting this time will be limited to Iowans. Rove, however, told me he definitely made no cancellation request and merely joked about busing in Texans.”

Bob Novak op-ed, The New York Post, June 18, 1999

“Bush campaign manager Karl Rove told me his candidate wants ‘judges that share his philosophy, and this (the ’96 platform language) is his philosophy.’”

UPDATE: See Crooks and Liars for the video.