Boehner Backtracks On Being ‘Bound’ To Military Spending Trigger Cuts

Now that the super committee has failed, Republicans in Congress led by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) have said that they will “pursue all options” — including introducing legislation — to roll back the debt reduction sequestration, mainly to prevent any more military spending cuts. (Both McCain and McKeon voted for the mandatory military spending cuts back in August.)

President Obama has threatened to veto any legislation undoing the trigger cuts. And it seemed that House Speaker John Boehner had his back, Talking Points Memo reported last month:

But on November 3, at his weekly press availability, Boehner said he feels “bound” by the debt limit deal, even the automatic defense cuts. “Me, personally? Yes, I would feel bound. It was part of the agreement, and so either we succeed or we’re in the sequester. The sequester is ugly. Why? Because we didn’t want anybody to go there. That’s why we have to succeed.”

But now, Boehner is calling on Obama to stop the automatic military cuts, the Hill reports:


“I really believe that the president of the United States has a responsibility here as well,” Boehner told reporters [yesterday]. “He’s the commander in chief; he knows what those cuts will mean to the military, and so I frankly believe the Congress still must work with the president to find a solution to our long-term debt.”

Although it’s unclear why the Republicans turning back. The sequestration military cuts would bring defense spending back to 2007 levels.