Boehner: ‘I think the Congress is still a center-right Congress.’

Since the GOP’s dismal electoral performance on Nov. 4, many conservatives have been engaged in a massive game of cover-up, arguing that despite the results, America is still a “center-right” country. (But it’s not). During a recent interview with Time magazine, House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) was the latest to take up the baton, saying there is “no question” that both the nation and Congress are “center-right”:

BOEHNER: America is a center right country.

TIME: Still?

BOEHNER: Yes, no question. When you look at all the exit polling, Americans don’t want bigger government, they don’t want higher taxes. And frankly, I think the Congress is still a center-right Congress.

It’s odd that Boehner would call the entire Congress “center-right” given the fact that both the House and Senate combined gained 28 more progressives than it had in 2006. In fact, one of first items on the Senate’s agenda in the new Congress next year will be a top progressive priority: universal health care.