Boehner Pans Tea Party Congressmen Who Defied Him As ‘Know It Alls’

Following the surprise defeat yesterday of a GOP resolution to keep the government funded, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was described as “spitting nails” in a closed-door meeting with other GOP lawmakers, suggesting “the usually unflappable speaker is reaching something close to a breaking point with his internally divided conference.” The National Journal reports that, in private, Boehner reportedly called the 48 Republicans who broke with the GOP leadership to kill he measure “know-it-alls who have all the right answers.” The bill contained funds for disaster relief, which were offset by spending cuts elsewhere. But Boehner is now threatening his caucus with the prospect of proceeding with a “clean” continuing resolution, which would not have the offsets and be more costly, and thus, less appealing to the Tea Party wing of the party.