Boehner: Romney’s Wealth Won’t Hurt Him Because ‘The American People Don’t Want To Vote For A Loser’

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has struggled to connect with average voters throughout his campaign, but that won’t hurt him in the general election, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said Sunday.

Asked by CNN’s Candy Crowley whether Romney’s wealth presented him with a “hill to climb” in tough economic times, Boehner said it wouldn’t because “the American people don’t want to vote for a loser”:

CROWLEY: You know, he comes from a privileged background. You did not come from a privileged background. This is a time — an economic time when people are hurting and have been hurting for quite some time.

Do you think that someone who is as wealthy as he is, who has had as much privilege as he is, has a hill to climb to overcome that?


BOEHNER: No. The American people don’t want to vote for a loser. They don’t want to vote for someone that hasn’t been successful. I think Mitt Romney has an opportunity to show the American people that they, too, can succeed.

Romney has consistently reminded voters of his wealth, noting that he is friends with the owners of NASCAR and pro football teams, that his wife has “a couple of Cadillacs,” or that he doesn’t consider $374,000 in speaking fees to be “very much.” That top Republicans consider Americans who don’t enjoy those luxuries losers or unsuccessful, however, may be why its nominee has had such a tough time gaining favor with average voters throughout the 2012 election.