Bolton: The Mighty Casey Has Struck Out

In yesterday’s daily press briefing, State Department spokesman Tom Casey was again asked just how cooperative State was being in answering the Senate Foreign Relations Committee requests for documents on John Bolton. Towing the line, Casey continued to push the claim of full compliance with all “relevant” requests:

MR. CASEY: Again, as I did say yesterday, we believe we’ve been very responsive already to the committee in terms of providing them the information that they need to be able to make the right decisions on Mr. Bolton’s nomination.


MR. CASEY: … and we believe the committee is going to make the proper decision and the proper decision is to confirm him and to send him there, so that he can work on the important project of UN reform, which we all know is something that’s really badly needed right now.

Time to play connect the dots.

Casey’s first point: State is providing information to make not just any decision but the “right decision” on Bolton’s nomination.Casey’s second point: The “right decision” on Bolton’s nomination is to confirm him.


Get the picture? The proper decision is to confirm John Bolton and to that end, the State Department is doing all it can to provide information that will accomplish this goal, and this goal alone. So in Casey’s own words, State is going to ensure that the “right decision on Mr. Bolton’s nomination” is not necessarily the responsible or fully informed decision but simply the Right’s decision.