Bolton Tows the Line

If anyone was perhaps wondering whether the supposedly tough-minded John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee to be U.S. representative to the United Nations, can be expected to speak truth to power, here are some excerpts from yesterday’s nomination hearing that will answer the question.

Excerpt One:BOLTON: The administration has submitted the Law of the Sea Treaty as one of its priorities, and I support that.SARBANES: Simply because it’s an administration position, or does that represent your own view of it?BOLTON: Well, I haven’t personally read the Law of the Sea Treaty. I don’t think I’ve ever read it, to be honest with you.

Excerpt Two: BOLTON: I’m not a golfer, but I think the metaphor is You have to play it as it lays. And I know what the president’s policy is and I’m prepared to follow it.

Excerpt Three:BOLTON: The administration’s position has been to support Taiwan becoming an observer in the WHO.…SARBANES: Is that your position?BOLTON: Yes, I support that position.SARBANES: I thought you supported them being a member?BOLTON: As I said before, when I wrote as a private citizen during the 1990s, that’s what I said. And when I wrote it then, I understood it. The president has made his policy on this very clear and I support his policy.