Bolton v. Rice

The new regime in Washington is leading to an unprecedented flowering of political power for men with mustaches, so you might think John Bolton would be happy. On the other hand, his views on foreign policy are so nutty that even George Bush doesn’t find them credible. But as Ben Armbuster observes, plenty of media outlets can think of no better person than Bolton to provide commentary on Susan Rice’s elevation to the post of UN Ambassador and the President-Elect’s decision to restore that post to cabinet rank.

For the record, media figures looking to cite non-dead, non-crazy former UN Ambassadors might want to look up the following:

  1. Thomas Pickering
  2. Edward Perkins
  3. Madeleine Albright
  4. Bill Richardson
  5. Richard Holbrooke
  6. John Negroponte
  7. John Danforth
  8. Zalmay Khalilzad

I’m sure any of those individuals might have some interesting perspective to share on the nature of the job and the role of the United Nations in American foreign policy.