Boring But Gorgeous, and Just Gorgeous

So, I maintain my general position that Drake Is Boring. And I don’t really like the verses on “Over.” But, courtesy Elizabeth at MyPopRoks (Which is a great, new find. Serious thanks to her for the Twitter follow, without which I would not have found her. Check Her Out.) I will fully concede that the video editing is dreamy, gorgeous, and often a little disconcerting (which in this case is a good thing):

More of this weird, drugged-sounding self-awareness about the odd vacillation between concentrating on your newly-acquired fame and the disconcerting nature of leaving your old life behind, plz. If you do, Drake, I promise to keep listening to your singles in hopes you’ll make one that convinces me.And as an apology for The Dull Music Behind the Good Video, check out this amazing Beach Boys mashup from Elizabeth too. “Caroline, No” is such a great song. Among the reason I suspect I like the Beach Boys somewhat better than the Beatles, though not uniformly, is they seem like they’d be nicer guys to break up with (“Run For Your Life,” anyone?), even if the breakup might be sadder.