Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman Over Romney, Singling Out Climate and Energy Issues

The largest newspaper in the state Mitt Romney once governed has endorsed former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman in the lead up to the New Hampshire primary.

Here’s the key excerpts from the Boston Globe editorial, “For vision and national unity, Huntsman for GOP nominee”:

He has stood up far more forcefully than Romney against those in his party who reject evolution and the science behind global warming….

Strong economic growth put Utah in the top five in job creation during Huntsman’s tenure, while he gave tax credits to companies developing solar energy. He … joined the Western Climate Initiative, which set goals for reducing greenhouse gases.


Of course, even Huntsman has waffled at times — see Call Jon Huntsman “Crazy”: He Flips on Climate Science (and Earns an F in Geography). UPDATE: Huntsman Mostly Flops Back). But nowhere near as consistently (inconistently?) as Mitt has waffled.